Why natural sweeteners are bad and Reasons you should AVOID them!

Why natural sweeteners like stevia, aspartame, xylitol, sucralose are bad?

Artificial sweeteners are popular natural sugar alternatives due to the addition of taste but not calories. They are meant to deliver the benefits of sugar and it is assumed that there will not be any stomach issues with their consumption. The Saccharin is the first artificial sweetener discovered in 1878 and it will not add calories to your body. Artificial sweeteners are used to achieve weight loss. In fact, American Heart Association (AHA) and American Diabetes Association (ADA) gave nod to the usage of artificial sweeteners to replace sugar so that users can achieve weight loss.

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Worries about artificial sweeteners

The artificial sweeteners will help you lose weight. However, it will not be true always. The obesity will pose risk to various kinds of health disorders such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. As the latest research, there are undue health risks with the use of artificial sweeteners and they may not deliver the weight loss results as well.

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Trick your taste buds

The artificial sweeteners will trick your taste buds. As a matter of fact, the natural sweeter, stevia which is derived from herbs has many times higher proportion of sugar. The top five artificial sweeteners advocated of FDA are saccharin, acesulfame, aspartame, neotame, and sucralose. All these sweeteners contain high amount of sugars. However, the response of your body will make the difference. The brain and human body will respond in a complex manner. Neotame is 7000 times sweeter than the ordinary sugar. Stevia is 200 to 300 times sweeter than ordinary sugar.
When your taste buds are exposed to these high-intensity sweeteners, they will be less receptive to the natural source of sugar. However, you are likely to consume sweeter products when your taste buds become numb. Hence, there will be great risk in using artificial sweeteners.

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Mislead your gut

Your gut goes through a state of confusion when you consume very high sweetener with zero calories. When the gut gets a sweet signal, it assumes that high-calorie food is on the way. However, when zero calories are supplied by the artificial sweetener, the food will not be processed in a very efficient manner and there will be a change in your hunger levels.

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Tampering your hormones

Artificial sweeteners can tamper your hormones as well. There will not be any change in the production of insulin even though you consume artificial sweetener with zero calories. With the release of insulin, there will be an increase in blood sugar levels. The craving for food will increase.
GLP-1 is a hormone which controls the blood sugar levels in your body. The two hormones, GLP-1 and insulin will increase your appetite levels and you are prone to eat more. Thus, the very purpose of reduction of weight will not be fulfilled and you are prone to get other side effects.

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Leads to overeating

Artificial sweeteners will give a different feeling to your body and you will be compelled to eat more. The taste and feel are very important and they will influence the food cravings and the calories that are required by your body. If you consume high fat and high sugar food products, your brain will recognize them and they are considered as high-calorie food items.
On the other hand, the food items that are prepared with artificial sweeteners will not satisfy your body. They will interfere with your natural ability in the selection and quality and quantity of food. As you consume artificial sweeteners, it will reduce your body’s ability in exercising the discretion in consuming the food items.

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Increases risk of diabetes

By consuming drinks prepared with artificial sweeteners, the risk to type 2 diabetes will increase. As per the study conducted by experts at the University of Texas, people who consumed diet soda were more overweight than people who consumed no soda at all.


Pollute the water

The purpose of artificial sweeteners is to withstand the difficult conditions of your body. They should not break down and add calories to your body. Even though they are exposed to light and oxygen, they will not break down. As per the research conducted by Swedish researchers, sucralose and acesulfame K were found in treated wastewater. The artificial sweeteners will not degrade in spite of their presence in wastewater for about 7 hours.

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Genetically modified products

Artificial sweeteners can be considered as another source of genetically modified food items. Corn, soy and sugar beets are most used in artificial sweeteners. The drawback is that all these crops come with the genetically modified food items.

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Risk of various diseases

With the consumption of artificial sweeteners, the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome will increase. There was a spike in type 2 diabetes in people who consumed at least sugar-sweetened drink per day. While studying the cause of cancer and nutrition, the evidence was found in the European investigation. There will be a spike in type 2 diabetes in people who were at a normal weight before consuming the artificial sweeteners.

  • The risk of coronary heart disease will increase with the consumption of artificial sweeteners. The risk is high in women. By drinking the beverage which is made with artificial sweetener, the risk of hypertension will increase. There will be an increase in risk of vascular events with the daily consumption of artificial sweeteners.
  • The metabolic syndrome is nothing but the combination of high blood pressure, high sugar levels and excess body fat. The fat around the waist will increase and there will be abnormal cholesterol levels as well. Hence, the risk of stroke and heart disease will increase. As per the latest studies, the risk of metabolic syndrome has increased with the consumption of drinks made of artificial sweeteners.


When your body’s natural learned responses interfere with the presence of artificial sweeteners, there will be great damage to your health. Hence, even though you appear to get little benefits for a short–term basis with the usage of artificial sweeteners, there will be a great risk to your health with the change in appetite levels and increased risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol.

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