The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Epilator For Women

best epilator reviews

Hair removal has been a major problem for women all around the globe for ages. Many have used some of the great products but could not find the best that suited to their needs. The society had razors, waxing spas, and many more but some of them were either costly and some of them were extremely painful. Removing hair from the body surface is indeed something which every woman aspires for but there are only few which could cater to the needs. Moreover, today, most of the women population is working and in spite of such a heavy work schedule, they try to find a suitable hour to have their hair removed from the surface of their body. But it is not possible to stick to the schedule more often due to various reasons and missing out on the schedule actually gives time for the body hair to grow. So, what is the solution? Well, there is a way so that the female society can get their body hair removed from the root. This is known as the Epilator. If you do not know what an epilator is, you do not need to worry as this is the ultimate guide that will impact every bit of knowledge about an epilator and how you are going to find the best epilator according to effectiveness and convenience.

If you are a working woman and you also do not find time to go to a parlor on a periodic basis, then the epilator provides you with a definite solution so that you can have your body hair removed at home and with ease. Considering the daily schedule, we know how much busy you are and how well you are balancing the line between doing the office work effectively, managing household chores, and look stunning and beautiful. According to a survey, around 65% of women respondents prefer to go to a parlor for removing their body hair, 30% of the respondents prefer to do the trimming on their own, and the rest prefer it natural. However, the interesting fact is that around 90% of women spend 3 hours of their week either making an appointment with their beautician or remove the hair by using non-ergonomic tools like razors.

This is where an epilator works the best for you saving your three hours of the week and most importantly saving your soft and gentle skin from the harsh touch of the razor and hot wax. So, we have done some extensive research on epilators and we will glide through each of the section and help you find the best epilator for you. So, keep scrolling.


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Epilating is gaining rapid popularity as it is very convenient to use and is cost-effective. However, there are still many who do not know what epilating is. So, we thought it would be better to provide you with some insight about the product before we dive directly into buying the best epilator.

Epilating is a fantastic method of hair removal. It is the most recent development in the women care industry which caters to the personal care section of the category. In general sense, epilating is actually referred to any technique that helps in removing hair from under the surface of the skin. So, waxing can also be considered as a form of epilating. But in this context, we are actually referring to a handheld device or the electronic epilator.

An epilator is a small handheld device. It has rotating rollers which contain multiple sets of tweezers. The tweezers remove the unwanted hair from your skin without cutting the surface. Now, how do you use it? Well, the most basic form of these epilators allows you to place it against your skin and turn it on. As the epilator is switched on, the roller starts to rotate and the tweezers pull out the hair from the sub-surface. Now, you can just glide the equipment through the skin and the parts where you have unwanted hair. It is an extremely cost-effective method and convenient as well.

Working Of The Epilators

best epilator reviews. Find the best epilator for your own needs. This Guide shows you which epilators to choose from and the benefits you get using epilators.

Epilating has seen some major changes since its invention. The best epilator is considered to be a modern epilator which is effectively automated due to the electronic parts. As compared to waxing, the electronic epilator with tweezers design is capable to provide better and long-lasting smooth skin without any skin irritation. The process is quite convenient as you do not need to buy many wax strips to cover your whole body. Moreover, the wax strips often are not able to remove many hair follicles, so it not considered efficient. Contrastingly, an epilator is able to remove hair from any part of the body without creating a mess.

Now, the epilator kit comes in with a range of attachments from skin massagers to exfoliation brushes. Now, the modern epilator also has two-speed rotations key which allows you to slow down the tweezers for more sensitive areas. The epilator surface rotates and grabs the hair as it passes over your skin. It removes the hair from the follicle and releases it so that it does not clog the device. An epilator is considered to be more effective than waxing because of the penetration. Waxing can pick up to 2 mm of hair from the surface whereas modern epilators can pick up to 0.5 mm. This indicates that an epilator gets more hairs in the first place which provides a longer period of regrowth. So, you do not need to remove your frequently more frequently as compared to waxing. 

Now, what you must be thinking that if even the best epilators have a tendency to remove hair up to 0.5 mm, will it be painful? Indeed, the concern is genuine. Initially, you might feel some discomfort but it is far better than waxing. You will notice that the sensation reduces as you epilate more over the time. It is so because the hairs that will grow will be finer and thus, will come out easily. However, if you are still not satisfied and pet a doubt on the pain that you may experience, then you can surely use it with your bathing products such as shower gels or soaps. It will exfoliate your hair and impart a soothing sense to your skin. There are many benefits associated with the epilators as well. 

Benefits Of Using The Best Epilator

Following are the benefits associated with using an epilator which we have summarized for your convenience:

  • It provides you with long-lasting smooth skin as using an epilator remove the hair from the follicle. It takes weeks for the hair to grow back again and as they grow finer, they become less noticeable.
  • The best epilator is great for sensitive skin. It is also eco-friendly and convenient to use at home.
  • It can also be used during your shower as it goes well with shower gel and soaps. It produces lather and removes the unwanted hair in a soothing way.
  • Any best epilator has as many tweezers attached to it for a wide pick up range that reduces the time you spare on the hair removal.
  • It is suited for people with sensitive skin and can be used on almost any part of the body. You can use it on sensitive areas and even your face but with the right set of attachment.
  • It is easy to use and convenient. You can carry it wherever you want and use it anytime.
  • It is cost-effective. The only cost associated with it is the initial purchase after which the operational costs become minimal. You only need to pay for the power. 

So, these are the long-standing benefits of using an epilator. Moreover, you do not have to be extravagant or stand in queue or schedule any prepaid appointment with the parlor. You can have your body hair removed just in no time and without spending much.

Using An Epilator

Using even the best epilator might not yield the desired results the very first time. But, do not get disheartened as there are many out there who have also faced the same. You learn to use it slowly and many have experienced the same. But, we have some tips on how you can use it to get grounding results. 

Have a warm shower. The warm water opens up the pores of your skin and makes your body hair loosen. But, you have to make sure that there are no lotions wrapped on your body. The moisturizers or lotions make your skin slippery and the epilator will not work as effectively.

After you have thoroughly dried your skin, place the epilator against your skin. The most preferred angle is 900 which yield the best results.

Switch on the epilator and move it against the direction of your hair growth. As you move along the skin, you are likely to find some of the hair has a different direction. So, you might have to go over some areas, especially underarm to collect all the hairs.

Try to wear loose clothes as tight clothes can irritate your skin. Also try to avoid sunlight as the skin may be a sensitive and little red.

Do not use any heavy scent or strong products after you use the epilator as they might block your pores. 

Once you are done with all the steps, use the epilator again after few days. This is essential as there can be some ingrown hair started to grow. Follow the same instructions to get long lasting smooth skin without hair.

Some Best Epilators Picks

Now, we would like to draw your attention towards some of the best epilators that are available in the market. So, have a look at our top three picks which we have narrowed down after an extensive research on the products.

Philips HP6574/50
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Philips is a well-known grooming brand all over the world and their expertise in hair removal products has made this product as the best epilator in the market right now. This epilator uses ceramic discs which act as tweezers. It is an excellent product in removing body hair from all body parts and the kit comes with different shaving attachments. But, the product is a little bit noisy which might intimidate you in the first place.

Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-579

Crowned as the best epilator of 2009, Braun has been a leading innovator beauty product around the world. The Silk-Epil 9 has a micro-grip tweezer technology that removes the hair four times shorter than any other epilator can pick up. The micro-grip tweezers are wider, longer, and deeper that makes it stand out from the rest. The most interesting part is that you can use the product in both wet and dry conditions. It also has several attachments which can also turn it to the electronic razor. But, it also has some demerits. The wide tweezers are very wide so one may face problem while doing upper lips and eyebrows.

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Panasonic ES-ED90-P

Another name very famous in the electronics and grooming industry is Panasonic. The ES-ED90-P is a perfect compilation of all the requisites of the best epilator. The kit includes attachments like a pedicure, differently-sized epilating heads to access different areas, and attachments to make it a shaver. The device is multifunctional, waterproof, and works well with moist hair. However, it struggles to hold the charge for one-hour mark and is often recommended to use while plugged-in.

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So, we have hopefully provided you with all the details that you need with respect to epilating and we are optimistic that you will be able to find the best epilator with all the details that we have essentially provided. Furthermore, our pick from the list is the Braun Silk-Epil 9 which we consider to be the perfect hair removal partner on the basis of attachments provided in the kit, and the convenience in holding up with the product. It is user-friendly and effective and it has minimal drawbacks.


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