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3 Dead Simple Leg Stretching Exercises (Best leg exercises)!

Here A Few Of The Best Leg Exercises!

Stretching one’s muscles can be an effective way to stay loose and flexible prior to performing an athletic activity such as sports or exercise. There are many different methods one can use to stretch his or her muscles, many of which require little to no additional equipment or assistance from a workout partner. Here are a few ways to stretch one’s leg muscles in order to increase flexibility and range of motion in the knee, hip, and ankle joints.

Hamstring Stretches exercise example

Hamstring Stretch

Hamstring Stretches Can Be Done Lying Down or Standing

Hamstrings are a large group of muscles on the back of a person’s thigh. These muscles are primarily responsible for flexing the knee joint when contracted and stabilizing the knee during walking, running, or jumping movements. An easy hamstring stretch involves lying on the floor on one’s back and lifting one leg towards the ceiling while leaving the opposite leg still. This will cause a stretching sensation in the back of the raised leg when done correctly.

After a few seconds lower the leg to starting position and repeat this process with the opposite leg.
While standing, one can place his or her leg on a nearby chair while keeping the chosen leg straight. You may lean forward slightly on this leg until a stretch is felt in the back of the thigh. Hold this position for a few seconds before releasing the stretch and returning to a standing position. Repeat this stretch on the opposite leg to complete the full exercise.

quadricep muscles

Stretch the Quadricep Muscles with Leverage

On the front side of one’s thigh the large bundle of muscles responsible for extending the knee, the quadriceps, can be found. These muscles are very powerful and assist in many every day activities involving one’s legs, such as climbing stairs or squatting to sit on a chair. One easy way to stretch the quadriceps while standing involves bending the knee of one leg and grabbing the ankle with the hand on the same side of one’s body. Use the opposite hand to balance while holding this position, feeling a stretch across the front of the thigh. Release this hold after a few seconds and repeat on the opposite leg.

The quardiceps muscle can also be stretched while lying down on one’s stomach. From this position, bend one knee and reach back with the same-side arm to again grab the ankle. Hold this position for a few seconds, noticing a strong stretch across the front of the thigh. Release this hold in order to return to a rested, prone position. Repeat this exercise with the opposite leg and arm.


Calf stretch exercise example

Calf stretch exercise example

Stretch the Calf Muscles Using a Wall Lean

The muscles on the back of the shin, often referred to as one’s calves, can be stretched in a variety of ways. For example, while from a standing position face a smooth, sturdy wall and place both hands on the wall’s surface. Next, bring one foot back from the wall while keeping the other foot as close to the wall as possible. Lean forward towards the wall until a stretch is felt in the back leg. Hold this position for a few moments before releasing and returning to a standing start position. Repeat this stretch with the opposite leg.

Regardless of one’s athletic talents or physical stamina, keeping the leg muscles flexible will help you prevent injury. This will increase range of motion for the knee, ankle, and hip joints. While stretching, always remain aware of comfort and pain levels as a means to prevent injury to the leg.

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