Conscious Perception changes everything


Perception is a big theme in sports. An exercise is more succesful when it is done with concentration. The professional sport athletes use it before starting with a competition. Imagination and Focusing the mind on an exercise leads to a better result. For this reason yoga has such an influence on our immune system. Joseph Pilates started with his method in naming it contrology to make clear that the most important thing for healthy sports is to control your body and mind.

For each sports lesson control is the basis for a correct performance. But not only for body exercises concentration is important. Our mind needs focusing as our current world is full of influences and impressions. It’s kind of overkill for our minds. Dementia can be a result out of it. When we try to empty our minds thousands of thoughts are coming like what do I cook, where do i want to go today, what is on my timetable. A way out of this chaos can be mindfulness. To concentrate on the way you sit, on how your breath goes , on your back and how you feel for example can be ways to stop and hold for a few minutes. Then this is like refreshing your brain and reloading. This is easy to do while you are at work or preparing a test. It doesn’t take much time but has a good consequence to your work. To increase the effect for your daily life it makes sense to practise meditation which can also be taking your time for prayers. It is important to involve empathy and social interest in your thoughts because this positivity is the best weapon against depression and mental problems. Thoughts even have an effect on your emotional status , weight and fat burning and how medication helps. Thoughts and perception are the basis of how your life works. So take care of them and start your day with positivity in accepting your image in the mirror, accepting your family , accepting your collueges and persons surrounding you. If somebody disturbs you try to imagine what kind of problem he might have had today to change your anger into interest. See it is up to you to change the world, you can’t change anybody except one person and this is YOU.

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