Would you like to spend time for health today?


This sentence has a lot of truth. Every day I experience it in my job. Many people start with sports when almost everything is to late. When would you start changing your habits? When would you start with sports and when would change your food? It is right that many of us become old and stay healthy while smoking or drinking alcohol or maybe both. Some are really lucky because of a good constitution. In Fact the chance to become sick or die younger is statistically higher . More people die daily at the cause of cigarettes then compared to the cause of a flue for instance. And the way to die can be different as well because people don’t always die quickly ….It can take quite a long time until they die and the pain finally ends. At the end it is your own decision how you want to handle it. To change habits is often hard , cause humans like to keep going in old known ways. First of all you need a high motivation and plenty of self control. As we all like to fullfill wishes right away, we prefer laying on a couch and eating sweets instead of eating healthy foods and practising sports in a fitness centre. For every step into our weakness we loose more of our self control. What can we do? For example saying loud that we want to go to the fitness centre to make sports and to eat healthy meals today. Speaking out loud sentences to ourselves brings a conflict to our instant wish and we find a fast solution. Changing small habits daily brings positive side effects concerning our self control in other areas. ┬áIf we change food habits we can maybe gain more financial control or we start with more exercises every day. We have to build up reasons for our motivation to change our situation. Easy going aims have to be reached. This will be motivation for more. To do workouts in short portions daily like for 10 minutes every morning makes us feel more comfortable and flexible. After this we want to continue in doing workouts for our health. Concerning long lasting motivation imagination is a great tool. Producing exactly pictures in front of our inner eye of how we play with our children in future, how we will walk old aged or how we make long walking or bycicle tours. Maybe we find friends or persons surrounding us to share sport activities and healthy meals. Sharing and receiving motivation is the greatest success. But if you prefer competitions this would be alright, too. Find your way to stay motivated in spending time to your health instead of sacrificing a lot of time in illness in future.


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