3 Foods That May Prevent Leg Cramps

Help tame leg cramps by adding these foods to your diet. Leg cramps, while not usually dangerous, can be extremely painful. Stretching the cramping muscle may provide some relief, according to the Harvard Medical School. You can also add certain foods to your diet that may help alleviate the pain of leg cramps. Leg cramps


Homeopathic Gallstone Pain Reliever

Gallstone pain is a common digestive problem not only hitting the middle-aged, but also those in their 20s or early 30s. The gallbladder collects gallstones and also acts as a digestive aid to fatty foods. Foods such as pizza, deep-fried egg rolls, and sour cream are just a few foods that can trigger a gallbladder


Conscious Perception changes everything

Perception is a big theme in sports. An exercise is more succesful when it is done with concentration. The professional sport athletes use it before starting with a competition. Imagination and Focusing the mind on an exercise leads to a better result. For this reason yoga has such an influence on our immune system. Joseph

different moods

Different moods or being in the mood

Do you know the days when you don’t want to get up?  When you see no sense to do your daily work and activities? Sorry to say I experienced this several times in my life although I have a profession based on doing sports and health care. The reaction is often being depressed and staying