What are Red Light Therapy, Benefits, Facts and Other factors!

There is no doubt in the fact that using light at a different wavelength is quite beneficial in the recovery of skin. Red Light Therapy is common these days and widely known for better treatment for every skin types. The common question is that what is it?

Well, Red light Therapy is a low light therapy. Red light gets emitted through the skin but the patient doesn’t feel anything while emitting the light. No pain or any heat involved in it. Your skin will absorb red light. Mainly the absorption work occurs at a depth of eight to ten millimeter. It has many positive effects there which work on cellular energy as well as the nervous system too. It improves the metabolic process too.

This therapy is new and requires much research. Still, now, it is offering plenty of amazing benefits. The red light therapy is preferred for the treatment of joint pain and osteoarthritis which occur due to the aging. Even if someone is looking at dim red light, then it will physically stimulate and provide better senses.

Red light therapy bed
Red light therapy bed

How Red Light Therapy Works?

So, you are thinking more and deeply about this therapy and willing to know that how it works, then you can learn it by below-given factors. 

  • It helps you by increasing the energy level, and it is increasing the release of ATP. The process occurs in Cell’s Mitochondria.
  • Even it stimulates DNA and RNA synthesis to provide better results.
  • It activates the lymphatic system which is an important part of our immune system and plays the major role. It helps to carry the waste out of our body.
  • The increase in blood flow or the circulation is important. It brings more oxygen and other nutrients to cells as well as tissues.
  • Small blood vessels, the Capillaries, are formed by it.
  • The natural production of collagen, as well as the fibroblasts, improves, and it is good for skin, joints and digestive health of the body.
  • The soft connective tissues easily damage up and this therapy help in recovery. It is the major reason for preferring this therapy.
  • The oxidative stress is a common issue and the therapy help with the reduction of stress. It also reduces the free radical damage by many times.

These are some of the common ways that go on while taking the red light therapy. Due to these reasons, you can say that this therapy is reliable. If you are wondering that what are the benefits then this post will help for sure. Below given are all the major benefits with a brief description which will help you know more about the treatment.

Red light therapy with red light device
Red light gets emitted through a red light device

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Major Benefits of Red Light Treatment

Total five major benefits are offered by Red Light Therapy which is proved, and you can feel encouraged to take this treatment for sure.

  1. Improves Immunity and Reduce Side effects

There is a research held by NASA in which they find that it can reduce the symptoms of cancer which are felt by such patients mostly. Even it is also helpful in the reduction of painful side effects which occur due to radiation or chemotherapy. With the use of far red/ near- an infrared light emitting device which is also known as High emissivity luminiferous luminescent substrate, long wavelength energy is emitted, and it is done in the form of photons. They stimulate cells which provide healing.

The device mentioned just before is also called as HEALS also helpful with oral mucositis. It is used among cancer patients, and it is very common and painful side effect, but when HEAL is preferred, the most of patients felt less pain. This device doesn’t cause any kind of issue to human body’s other part like bone and all. Due to these reasons, it can be said that HEALS is a perfect choice in the treatment of patients facing issues with their immunity. It can easily make things better as well as reliable for sure.

  1. Better to Heal Wound and Repair tissues

As you know, there is a, and it has a range of 600 to 1,300 nanometers.  The spectrum of light proved helpful in wound healing as well as with tissue repair. It also helps with skin rejuvenation. However, they use different mechanisms. Most of the laser therapies which often used in dermatology have intense pulse light which works in skin rejuvenation. Even there is secondary as the tissue repair.

You can say that the diodes cause intentional damage to dermis which triggers inflammation. Mainly followed by healing, it has shown many positive aspects to skin cells due to the regeneration work. It makes this treatment better to prefer and reliable. Getting a better skin tone that is free from all the issues is possible by this method.

  1. Use as the anti-aging treatment

Who doesn’t want to look younger in their 40s or 50s? Well, it is the common desire among many people that they want to hide all the fine lines and wrinkles so they can look better. Using anti-aging creams and such other products can help in it, but the red light therapy takes it to the next level. In a study from 2014, it proved that this therapy works effectively and quite reliable to look better. It works for almost every skin type. The reversing sign of the therapy makes it better to prefer the option.

In term of safety, it is totally reliable, and you are not going to face any issue easily. It is a non-ablative and non-thermal treatment which keeps your skin safe too. Most of the patients are satisfied with the results that’s why it is a reliable option. The improved skin complexion and improve skin tone are common results. Eve, it helps with the texture of skin and reduces down the roughness. There are many patients who can’t tolerate the higher heat laser treatment, but the LLLT worked perfectly for them. Due to the being the low-temperature therapy, it becomes available for the wide number of people.

  1. Good for Musculoskeletal health

Red light therapy treats many types of arthritis symptoms these days. Well, the credit goes to capability shown by stimulating collagen production and the rebuilding of cartilage. It proved in a 2009 study, and it is best for short-term treatment which can provide better relief of pain. Isn’t it better and reliable option to look for? However, there are few side effects of it too.

Leaving such things apart, LLLT is still beneficial for people who don’t have any sort of arthritis issue. LLLT proves to reduce down the pain. So, it is helpful in the treatment of neck pain and such others. People with musculoskeletal disorder are also going to avail many benefits out of it which makes this better to prefer and reliable option. Patients can easily feel a significant improvement in their health, and the pain will reduce down by many times.

  1. Helpful in the reduction of Depression

It is hard to prove, but you can get it from traditional Chinese treatments that how important the light is. To improve health by reducing down the pain issue and improving health, immunity, and recovery so you can easily compare it with acupuncture. And you will find that there are numerous reasons that make it perfect to reduce down depression. Due to the stimulation work, our body’s energy starts getting inflow. The lower wavelength of light makes it perfect and reliable option. There are many other reasons too that will let you know the reason for preferring this treatment.

According to acupuncture, red is the first chakra to stimulate our body. You can say that it correlates with survival instinct. It gives us energy and makes us feel quick doesn’t matter what is going around. It helps in various manners. From money to power, all are related to our thinking and it the lower wavelength makes us think about all. We pay more attention to important factors and all.  As it is painless treatment so you may think about it as waste, but it isn’t. There is no need for pain or touching anything when this treatment can work effectively.


Above given are five major benefits along with their facts and other factors. If you are heading over to a doctor and get Red Light Treatment, then these benefits will make you feel more relaxed now. Even you should take care of other therapies like blue and red light therapy. These two photo-therapies provide quite similar benefits, but both aren’t same. The working is quite different with each one. But, blue light is less monochromic and doesn’t provide that many benefits. It is the reason that you should stay selective and choose the right treatment. Hope, this post will let you know all the aspect of Red Light therapy.

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