Why your breath is so important!


Breath is where life starts and where ist ends. Meditation, Yoga, Pilates and Material Arts use breath styles to empower the body. Different breath styles help to control it and to use breath in several ways. It is an exercise to breath with consciousness not mechanically. The oxygen refreshs the cells , gives new power to the body and nervous system. Further breathing out brings carbon dioxine out of the lungs and is important to transport acids out of the system . Controlling breath leads to relaxation of the mind , positive effects for the immune system, better results in sports. Divers need to practise breath exercises to dive deeper without oxygen. With breath control normal persons are able to cope with cold water, to stay almost naked in icy water , to dive under ice and to break sports records in private or in sport competitions.

So deep breathing is the secret of health and energy. As a result body and mind are connected intensively which is a healing for someones health without medication. Often we forget self healing methods and rather contact a doctor in this case when in fact we have often an influence even to our heart rate. Back problems can be enhanced if one uses controlled breath to relax muscles at the back. Breath is so natural , has no side effects and at least something we often forget. Of course it is important to be careful with deseases of lungs and heart. Therefore it would be great to stay in a group for your own safety. The following are some techniques of breathing. For me as a pilates trainer I prefer two kinds of breathing: First is edge breathing and second is abdominal breathing.

  1. Edge breathing – this is necessary to use for sports and moving, so we clean the organs and have enough oxygen for exersising. In the beginning it needs a lot of practise because our style of breathing is a flat breath. As a help take a towel to tighten it round you ribs and breathe in and out to move your towel while breathing. Which means in breathing in the towel moves aside, in breathing out the ribs and towel fall inside. An image can be a concertina. The deeper the breath is, the better the effect will be. If you feel dizzy please stop the exercise and return to your usual breathing.
  2. Abdominal breathing – Stand upright with straight back, because now you can breathe free. Breathe in slowly and deep, give your abdominal the chance to come out and then let the air stream into your chest. Breathe out slowly and consistent. To breathe out the abdominal contracts softly, the abdominal drops and the chest relaxes. Breathing in and out takes the same time. The abdominal breathing is good for relaxation and against stress. It is easy to do , it can be done often during the day with a good health effect. ¬†Everytime you have a stressful situation remember of concentrate breathing , if you walk outside, if you jog, if you get up in the morning , if you want to fall asleep, always remember of how to breathing techniques. It is not a solution for every health problem but it will help you to cope with daily efforts. Life will be felt easier and you give your body a chance to stay healthier and to fasten fat burning. Don’t mind to breathe, air is for free.


1. Moses 2,7 …then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground , and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life…, and man became a living creature.

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